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Image by Clay Banks
Debt Consolidation

Ok sometimes we find ourselves in more debt then we planned to. Sometimes wrapping our smaller more expensive debts into one loan seems more convenient. Sometimes we just need to free up some cash or maximise our borrowing capacity to invest in another property or shares. All of these are great reasons to look at debt consolidation.


We can structure your debt correctly to ensure you minimise your monthly outgoing repayment. 

If you do decide to consolidate a smaller loan into your home loan, we can structure it in a way that ensures it doesn't take you 30 years to pay off your smaller loan.


By reducing your monthly repayments and ensuring you put yourself in a better position financially for the future, you can focus on paying down your home loan or saving for a property.  


Book in an obligation-free initial consultation and talk to an expert who can help you navigate through all of this. 


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